Green Protein Smoothie

green protein smoothie

Miranda casiano free Recipes Green Protein Smoothie Prep Time: 5 mins Need A System Reset? Try this Nutrient dense green Smoothie!! Serves 1 5 Minutes Year-round Vegan Green smoothies are renowned for their ability to cleanse the body of toxins. Ingredients Preparation Directions Serving Suggestions Nutritional Values Ingredients 1/2 Frozen Banana 1 Cup of Spinach […]

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

chocolate banana smoothie

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Chocolate Banana Smoothie Prep Time: 5 mins Easy to make, nutrient dense and incredibly delicious! Serves 1 5 Minutes Year-round Vegan This chocolate banana smoothie is a perfect snack or meal replacement. Loaded with fiber, healthy carbs and protein to fuel your body! Ingredients Directions Nutritional Values Ingredients This smoothie is […]

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