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Intermittent Fasting 101

intermittent fasting picture

Intermittent fasting is a hot topic, but nothing new to daily life. Every human does it. This article will explain the process and how you can integrate it into your life.

Beef and Sweet Potato Chili

beef and sweet potato chili

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Beef and Sweet Potato Chili Prep Time: 90 mins A sweet twist on a classic Winter meal Serves 4 90 Minutes Year-round Paleo Beef is a classic ingredient in many chili recipes. It warms the body on a cold winter day. You can increase the nutrient density of this all-American dish […]

Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash

turkey and sweet potato hash in a cast iron skillet

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Turkey and Sweet Potato Hash Prep Time: 45 mins A delicious and Nutritious Alternative to Fast food Serves 2 30 Minutes Year-round Paleo Turkey is a great protein source. It’s leaner than red meat and has less saturated fat. Adding sweet potatoes to ground meat adds a healthy dose of fiber […]

Chicken With Mushrooms

whicken with mushrooms in a casserole dish

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Chicken with Mushrooms Prep Time: 15 mins Bake Time: 30 mins Total Time: 45 mins A Quick Dinner loaded with Protein and fiber Serves 4 45 Minutes Year-round Paleo Baked chicken is bland. Add flavor with slices of mozzarella and sliced mushrooms. This dish is easy to prepare and bakes in […]

Broccoli Cheddar Soup Bread Bowl

broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl

Broccoli cheddar soup is very popular during the winter months. When you buy it at fast food stores, you cannot control what goes into it. A homemade option however, gives you the chance to experiment with the ingredients.

This is my twist on the winter favorite.

Potato Leek Soup

potato leek soup

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Potato Leek Soup Prep Time: 45 mins Get the nutrients you need in a deliciously Hearty Soup Serves 4 45 Minutes Year-round Vegetarian Potatoes are rich in important nutrients  the body needs to be at its best. Additional ingredients that add flavor (garlic, especially) help the body heal. Ingredients Preparation Directions […]

Baked Sweet Potato Fries

sweet potato fries

French fries are a beloved American food. There’s no reason to eliminate them from your healthy eating lifestyle (unless you’re allergic to potatoes!). Baked sweet potato fries are delicious and nutritious!

Banana Pancakes

banana pancakes with fruit

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Banana Pancakes Prep Time: 20 mins A Healthy Twist on an American Favorite Serves 1 20 Minutes Year-round Vegetarian Bananas are a unique replacement for flour in pancake recipes.  They still contain carbohydrates, but added potassium and fiber make it far more nutritious! Try this easy recipe today! Ingredients Preparation Directions […]

Chicken Quinoa Avocado Salad

chicken quinoa avocado salad

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Chicken Quinoa Avocado Salad Prep Time: 40 mins Add Delicious flavor, texture& protein to a conventional Chicken salad Serves 2 40 Minutes Year-round Chicken salads are generally healthy but can be a bit bland. Adding foods like quinoa and avocado make this healthy meal much more nutrient dense and flavorful! Ingredients […]

Healthy Eating 101

back to all Healthy eating is the cornerstone of a healthy body. no one would dispute that. But in our fast-paced, electronic-driven lives, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Step number one is understanding the difference between a diet and a healthy eating lifestyle. Diet Definition A diet is something that is […]

Sweet Potato Salmon Cakes

sweeto potato salmon cakes

Miranda Casiano free Recipes SWEET POTATO SALMON CAKES Prep Time: 45 mins A delicious and Nutritious Snack or Appetizer Serves 2 45 Minutes Year-round Paleo Sweet potatoes and salmon are a great food paring. The former gives you lots of fiber and vitamins while the latter refuels your body with lean protein and omega-3 fatty […]

Green Protein Smoothie

green protein smoothie

Miranda casiano free Recipes Green Protein Smoothie Prep Time: 5 mins Need A System Reset? Try this Nutrient dense green Smoothie!! Serves 1 5 Minutes Year-round Vegan Green smoothies are renowned for their ability to cleanse the body of toxins. Ingredients Preparation Directions Serving Suggestions Nutritional Values Ingredients 1/2 Frozen Banana 1 Cup of Spinach […]

Chocolate Banana Smoothie

chocolate banana smoothie

Miranda Casiano free Recipes Chocolate Banana Smoothie Prep Time: 5 mins Easy to make, nutrient dense and incredibly delicious! Serves 1 5 Minutes Year-round Vegan This chocolate banana smoothie is a perfect snack or meal replacement. Loaded with fiber, healthy carbs and protein to fuel your body! Ingredients Directions Nutritional Values Ingredients This smoothie is […]

Cranberry Sauce with Apples

cranberry sauce with apples

Cranberry sauce is a staple on most Thanksgiving tables. Try my sweet twist of adding apples for a delicious side everyone will love!

What’s the difference between juicing and blending?

jucing versus blending

back to all What is Juicing and blending are often considered interchangeable terms. In reality, they serve very different purposes in a person’s journey to better health. To begin a juicing regimen, you have two options. Option number one is to buy a high-quality juicer, such as a Cuisinart or Breville. Any time you run food […]

7 Tips to Make Goal Setting Easier

Goal setting can be difficult. If they are too difficult, you may give up on them. This article will teach you how to set achievable goals that keep you motivated in your journey to better health.

Motivation vs. Discipline

motivation versus discipline

Most people think motivation and discipline are interchangeable terms. They are not. Motivation is the good feeling you get after seeing someone else achieve their goals. Discipline is creating a plan to make your goals reality.

Intuitive Eating 101

mindfuland intuitive eating

Intuitive eating is a forgotten skill. Women do it each time they get their periods. That chocolate craving is the body begging for extra magnesium. Dark and pure cacao are one of the richest sources. That is no coincidence!

Fiber 101: How Soluble and Insoluble Optimize Your Health

soluble vs insoluble fiber

back to all Fiber is a nutrient every health professional talks about consistently. They know that getting enough fiber every day is essential to optimizing your health and they are absolutely right. What most of them fail to do, however, is discuss the two types: soluble and insoluble. Both of these play a key part […]

How Can Seeds Optimize Your Health

health benefits of seeds chart

Seeds are small but packed with key nutrients. In this article you’ll learn the most power-packed kinds and how they can help you optimize your health.

Berry Banana Smoothie

berry banana smoothie ingredients

Berry banana smoothies are delicious and nutritious! Read this recipe to learn how they help you achieve optimal health.

Food Label Reading 101

Sample Food Label

The food label is getting a makeover. In this article, you’ll learn of the different sections to review and what changes are coming.

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